"Trementina.Una metàfora de la pintura", 2007

Joan Descarga i Àlex Nogué

Autors: Joan Descarga i Àlex Nogué
Edita: Publicacions i Edicions de la Universitat de Barcelona, 2007.
Dipòsit legal: B-24.714-2007
170 pàgines. Color.
Edició bilingüe: català i castellà.

Trementina, Una Metàfora de la Pintura (Turpentine, A Metaphor About Painting ), by Nogué, À. and Descarga, J. That work was inspired on the heroism and creativity of the women that lived in a closed valley in the Catalan Pyrenees during the middle of the XIX Century. They made a natural remedy and used to travel all around the country selling it in order to get over the deprivation in which they lived in that area at those times.
The basic product for that natural cure was the turpentine (trementina) , curiously enough it is the same basic product used to paint in oils. Actually, it is easy to imagine the great number of connections that we should consider taking this coincidence as a starting point: The turpentine comes from the resin of the pine tree, so, trees were used as raw material in the Pyrenees.